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Improve your well-being

Today’s health and wellness landscape is bullsh*t. There are too many confusing and contrasting standards. Let’s face facts. Real life is hard. We offer ONLY the most transparent and ethical products and tools to make it simple to feel better.

The Poplar Promise

The Poplar Promise ensures we only offer products that are clean, contain quality, active ingredients, have proven potency, utilize minimal and sustainable packaging, and are 3rd party tested. And (yes, there is more), the Promise extends beyond product quality and works to ensure we only partner with ethical businesses - businesses that share our love for people and planet through inclusive and equitable business models that champion diversity and environmentally regenerative business practices. The Poplar Promise is the most comprehensive set of criteria on the market - bar none.

Above everything, ingredients need to be good for us. We partner with EWG (Environmental Working Group), the Dirty List, and many more! We are leading the charge on aligning terminology and definitions. The result? Dazzling clarity for you!

Our enemies are dilution and ineffective dosing. We are setting the standard with strict identification of active ingredients. We are trailblazing with product potency. Experts vet and craft each product we offer.

We only offer products that work. We mandate brand partners to show anecdotal testing and, where appropriate, we require 3rd party certification. We check out the test results, research, and claims to make sure you are getting what you ask for.

It's a labor of love to strive to be moral. From fair wages to humane factory practices, we strive to champion ethical human and environmental capital. We also prefer companies that focus on acquiring locally when possible - that is worth extra points.

We require testing for every product for stability and safety, from the idea phase to the end product. From cruelty-free to vegan, gluten-free, organic, GMO-free, and THC-free, we work with and depend on best-in-class finished products certifying bodies.

It's got to be good - that means appealing to all senses. It should feel, smell, taste & look good.

Environmental impact matters. The packaging of a product should be minimal and environmentally respectful. Our commitment is to support brands that use LESS packaging. We also work with partners and take-back programs for recyclables & NON-recyclables.

We love our planet and the people on it. Therefore, we require every partner to have a broader support system considerate of diversity built into their operations. We support and endorse inclusive and regenerative businesses .

Poplar 101

From inception at Poplar, we’ve been on a mission to redefine wellness and share that cannabis can and should be a critical tool in a well-rounded wellness toolkit. But so much has changed since we launched in 2018. The cannabis/CBD market (and wellness in general) has become too noisy and almost too competitive - overrun and unfortunately dominated by companies with deep pockets.

So, in order to continue to elevate cannabis specifically and plant medicine more genrally, we are doubling down on our commitment to share only the best products from the best-in-class brands that meet The Poplar Promise.

The Poplar 10

These 10 cross disciplinary experts, each at the top of their field, are part of our special sauce. They help vet and personally test all Poplar products.

Caroline Hartridge

Primary Care Physician and NYS Medical Marijuana referring physician

Ariel Foxie

Fitness and Wellness Advisor

Shari Auth

Holistic Health Practicioner & Co-Founder of WTHN

Steven Alan

Brand Founder and Investor

Eve Lynn

Fitness and Wellness Coach

Golan Vaknin

Biotech and Agritech Innovator

Ashley Avignone


Lauren Rudick


Folasade Adeoso

Artist, Activist, Model

Marilynn Karas

Integrative and Functional Women’s Health Expert

The Alliance

In addition to prioritizing shelf space for BIPOC brands, we created The Alliance - a place where business owners and founders from under-represented communities can come together to network, problem solve and effect change through meaningful initiatives.

Shop BIPOC Brands

VERTÉ, Poplar's in-house brand, is rooted in science and nature. At the intersections of Eastern and Western medicine, sustaining and living well, modern and ancient we are VERTÉ. We recognize our health is an intricate balance. We can see this manifested in nature's harmony or in the homeostasis of science.

Our ingredients are clean, green & natural with science behind them. Our formulas are restorative, preventative and enhancing. Our practices are transparent, sustainable and progressive.

VERTÉ also means new beginnings. We intend to have a positive impact in every aspect of what we do, truly allowing for the new beginnings of tomorrow, and for future generations.


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