High from Beryl: April Edition

Happy April! To most, April signifies Spring -warmer temperatures, vacations, cherry blossoms, Easter and Passover… you get the picture. 

In the world of cannabis, however, April is about one thing - 420!

However, I am not a big 420 gal. I know that can be sort of scandalous to say when you work in cannabis - but it’s true. 420 doesn’t really fit into my life. What am I going to do - sit in a smoke circle with strangers, share god only knows what (germs and questionable strain choices) and get too high???? No thank you - that sounds like a nightmare. 


Hear me out… It is not 420 or bust. Rather, may I suggest that April is the perfect time to let a little bit of the 420 zeitgeist seep in and inspire you to finally take the plunge because yes, cannabis does fit into your life and plant medicine will make everything, at a minimum, incrementally better. 

So, here are 5 suggestions on how YOU can add cannabis to your life this April - and beyond! 

For additional information on any of the above, simply reach out. We are happy to provide local product recommendations especially for you.  

See, it’s not scary - cannabis can be approachable.

And remember - a little goes a long way. I am big fan of starting with 2.5mg - HALF of what lots of people claim is an average dose. 

So, happy April - and happy whatever else April means to you…

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