WTF: NY Cannabis issue # 3 - How to Throw a Pot Party in 2023

Fun weed party ideas for 4/20 and beyond

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a major luxury. One that equals going on a shopping spree to Paris in my pre-motherhood days. I was home alone for 24+ hours – no kids, no husband, no pets. Just me. 

So, like any sane person, I decided that night one of being alone I needed to throw a party, and throw a party I did! I hosted a ladies only Pot Party and it was such a good time that I feel compelled to share all the details so you can create your very own!!!! 

Now let’s get into it… Starting with the basics. 

WTF is a pot party

Hopefully someday it will just be a party but for now, it does deserve a special moniker. Think of it as a new age wine tasting - there are lots of things to try and a good host/hostess will ensure you are safe, educated, and not over-served.

This is the text I sent to my friends:

“Hosting a PARTY!!! Thursday, 3.2.23 at a local Long Beach home from 7PM-9ish.

It’s a POTluck  - but you don’t bring food. It’s a pun because it’s a party about POT. Goal of the gathering is to give you all the details you need to know about weed today. No dumb questions - just smart answers. Light refreshments, snacks, and samples will be provided.

Please feel free to BYO. Plus ones welcome. She/hers only. Please RSVP and address will be shared.”

Before I knew it, I had 30-something RSVPs and we were off to the races. 

Important note: Throwing this type of party in New York State at a private home with nothing for sale is 100% legal. 

My cannabis menu

A couple of days before the party, I went shopping at the three open legal dispensaries. (You can read more about my shopping experience here.) Below is a list of what I purchased. 


Two different edibles:

Orchard Sunrise Gummies by Aryloom - 4.5mg per piece & lots of extra vitamin B 

Chill’n Raspberry Gummies by Pure Vibe - 10mg per piece so I cut them all in half prior to plating so each piece contained 5mg THC


Three different strains of flower:

Papaya by TVP

Banana Runtz by Florist Farms

Rainbow Sherbert by Dank by Definition 

I also purchased some beverages! I am bullish on beverages making cannabis socially acceptable and being a killer category in New York. I purchased my favorite lemon-lavender CANN (2 mg THC) and the new Blackberry Aryloom Seltzer (5 mg THC).  

Cannabis labels for lay-women

I printed “lay-women” labels for all the cannabis - including mg per serving and effect. Below are the labels I created:


Orchard Sunrise Gummies

By Ayrloom 

Made with NY Grown Legal Weed

 4.5mg THC per gummy 

Bonus: Includes B12, B6 & B3 


Chill’n Raspberry Gummies

By Pure Vibe 

Made with NY Grown Legal Weed

10mg THC per gummy BUT these are cut in HALF – so each piece has 5 mg THC


Rainbow Sherbert Flower

NY Grown Legal Weed

Chill out with a side of focus

Perfect to do something creative or inspiring 


Banana Runzt Flower

NY Grown Legal Weed

All about balance baby 

Uplifting strain perfect for evenings 

Reported to help with migraines 


Papaya Flower

NY Grown Legal Weed

Promotes mental calmness while 

simultaneously making you feel energetic 

and productive 

Place settings and other cannabis things on the table

I transformed the place settings at my dining room table into rolling stations where I laid out a tray and associated accessories. For example, one setting included a small beautiful bong from Session Goods while another included the yew yew cloud grinder, cones from burner babe, and an Edie Parker tamping stick

Note this part doesn’t have to be perfect. There’s no need to go crazy here to throw a good party. Just a couple different strains, some rolling papers and accouterments would do the job.

We did have a bar set up with some alcohol but it was also stocked with plenty of non-alcoholic seltzers. In my personal opinion, when encouraging canna-experimentation, it is better to keep the booze at bay.

And for the extra touch, because I do work in weed - I laid out my collection of cannabis books and magazines, ashtrays, and vintage paraphernalia.  

Familiar things to help destigmatize weed

As the pot party host, I wanted to make sure all my guests are comfortable – especially those who don’t typically smoke. I organized a little Link and Lou, a leader in the permanent jewelry house party space, to come and have a station. 

My theory was that ladies are comfortable purchasing jewelry. So, having something there that’s familiar to them (a bar and jewelry in this case) alongside something that may be more foreign like cannabis can help de-stigmatize the plant.

Of course, what is a party without snacks? I love a good charcuterie platter and so do stoned women ;-)

All in all, it was a super fun evening and I'm counting down the days until the next one!


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