"New Year, New You" completely misses the mark

"New Year, New You" completely misses the mark. 

This year, let’s try a new narrative… 

"New Year, Same You... More Cannabis!” 

For many, the New Year is a time to start fresh and cleanse yourself from last year's mistakes. Many choose to hit the gym and sweat away the toxins while others pledge to start "eating healthy”. To date, the mainstream New Year's wellness resolution strives for smaller waistlines. 

Well, that’s just bullshit. “Wellness” is much more than physical fitness and there is no “magic” around January 1st. To be fair, yes, endorphins and organic foods are great but taking time to reset your body involves more than a few sweat sessions and changing your eating habits. 

At Poplar, we are on a mission to push the idea of wellness forward - far enough forward to ensure it includes cannabis. 

Today, we sell a curated selection of CBD products. We believe in the power of plant medicine AND we believe in playing by the rules - we thoroughly vet each product and ONLY sell the best legal hemp-derived CBD. While we do not think CBD is a silver bullet or a cure all, we firmly believe it minimizes pain and brings relief. CBD and Cannabis must be legal tools in your proverbial wellness toolbox - whether you choose to use them or not. We are on the precipice of a Cannabis revolution! 

CBD is just the beginning… Poplar 2018 was just the beginning... 

Together, we can change narratives and buck trends. 

Today, it’s changing the New Year's myth - that you need to be “new”. Tomorrow, it’s much much more. 

Happiest New Year. 




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