The Poplar Catalog: Essential

At Poplar, our mission is to help you improve your well being. We believe that feeling good should be simple. And the tools we use to feel good should be easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand.

That's why we decided to create the first ever multi-brand wellness catalog meets magazine, Essential ~ Tools to Help you Feel Better.

That's right! We created a f*cking multi-brand wellness catalog!

And there's a possibility it could be coming to your door soon. And if not? No worries! You can download your free copy here.

We're obviously bias, but we think Essential is breath of fresh air in today's health and wellness landscape and we hope you do too. Bc let's get real, today’s health and wellness landscape is bullsh*t. There are too many contrasting standards - symptoms of a broken system that overcomplicates the offering and diminishes the individual. We’ve had enough. And, since you are here, chances are you have too!

This is why our team works hard behind the scenes to not only cut through the bullsh*t, but to simplify it for you. We have included a variety of information from different wellness brands and experts in this catalog bc we want you have the tools to feel better.

While the Poplar team put in a lot of hard work creating Essential - Tools to Help You Feel Better Now, we most certainly did not do it alone and have some pretty amazing people and brands to thank for helping us create this masterpiece!

From experts like Nicholas Pratley, The Knox Doctors, April Pride, and Poplar's newest contributor Amiah Taylor to brands like Barbari and Rachelle Robinette of Supernatural, this catalog is abundant with helpful tips and tools to help you improve your well being.

Catalog Highlights

The Art of Joy
Joy is something we can consciously practice and Wellness Coach Ananda offers gentle empowerment, affirmation and inspiration. CJ [Cynthia Joy] Ananda Page, named "Joy" by her mother Linda Page, shares with us the art of choosing joy. As well as walks up through 5 simple steps we can take to consciously CHOOSE JOY.

Black Girl Wellness
Amiah Taylor is a freelance writer [and Poplar's newest contributor] using her lens as a millennial Black woman to produce wellness and self-care content. In this piece Amiah walks you through what you need to know about Black Girl Wellness. We also here from the Knox sisters, Dr. Jessica Knox and Dr. Rachel Knox from the Knox Doctors.

Elevated Etiquettes
Lizzie Post, the author of Higher Etiquette and host of the Awesome Etiquette podcast, weighs in on cannabis etiquette during the pandemic and how to keep your etiquette elevated! [PS: You can get her book in our High Vibes gift set ~ a gift set for the classiest 'consumers'.


And that's only a tiny sliver of the goodness inside this catalog! We will be telling more of these stories and highlighting our experts over the next few weeks. And if you didn't receive yours in the mail, you can get your free download here.

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