This Year, EVERYONE Should Celebrate 4.20

By Poplar Co-Founder Beryl Solomon Jackowitz

Ok – Here’s the deal… Tuesday is 4.20, NY “went legal” a few weeks ago, and vaccine distribution is way up... so, if you haven’t already, get ready to hear about 4.20 celebrations.  Many virtual and even some IRL.  

Now - let’s get this straight.  Yes - I am pro-weed.  I use cannabis almost daily - CBD, THC, and all the cannabinoids in between.  I hope to someday sell weed – legally, of course.  But no, typically, I do not have 4.20 plans.  I am not part of the “4.20 is our Super Bowl” crew.  In college, sophomore year, I sat in a big circle and smoked whatever was passed to me… but aside from that, 4.20 usually passes by without a thought.  

However, I am here to say that THIS YEAR is different - and this year EVERYONE SHOULD CELEBRATE 4.20 because, hell, the past year was a real dumpster fire and I am now, more than ever, a firm believer in taking advantage of each and every celebratory opportunity.

10 years ago today, I got engaged.  I was 30, several friends were already married after a year of celebratory events leading up to their wedding.  Other friends were planning their “dream wedding”.  This was not how I rolled… I was pumped to get married but I had no interest in torturing my friends into forced obligations.  So, Michael and I celebrated our engagement at a bar in an impromptu fashion and then told everyone we would see them at our wedding!  We ended up getting married on the Thursday night before Labor Day - because we figured no one wants to miss out on a long beach weekend.  I skipped the bachelorette party, and shower(s), and even the big rehearsal dinner.  

Fast forward, a month after our wedding, I lost my brother in a tragic accident.  The following year, Michael’s dad passed away.  

One of my “aha moments” in the midst of grieving was - life is too fucking short and I want to take each and every opportunity to celebrate with those I love.  

So - I am doubling down on 4.20 this year and you should too (in a way that is appropriate for your health and vaccination level, of course).  I plan on popping an edible around 3:45 so come 4:20 on 4.20 I can look at the ocean and watch the waves roll.  And I encourage you to make 4.20 a reason to celebrate - a reason to look back on the shit storm year many of us endured and look forward to the future.  You don’t need to smoke or get high.  But whatever you do, don't let a celebratory moment pass you by.  

Life is too short.  

And getting high is fun if you are down.