True Confessions of a CBD Mom

By: Dawn Fable

So, as a Mom (Mom of 3 tiny little drunken terrorists under the age of 7, I’ll have you) I’m bombarded by "self care" marketing messages. You know…. Instagram quotes, psycho-babble videos from life coaches and the ever so popular 30 day bull shit programs - “New Year, New You!” blah blah blah. For us Moms, It seems perfectly acceptable to scream at our children NON STOP, blast explicit rap music, drown ourselves in a ½ of bottle of Kim Crawford, take 2 Ambien to get a good nights sleep, pop Xanax - you name it. BUT when I told my friend and family I've turned to CBD for self -care - they almost lost their minds. The stigma is real folks.

The mom’s in the sweater sets and pearls at pre-school drop off immediately had me pegged as a “pothead” and envisioned me in tie dye and a hippy van touring on weekends. My parents - they just flat out thought an intervention was necessary. Two minutes after I told them I incorporated CBD into my wellness routine - that it helped so much with my anxiety and sleep - I got a frantic phone call from my sister to say “how concerned Mom and Dad are for you and your experimentation with “marijuana” and they’re wondering how it might impede with your career or better yet, worried about you driving your kids to soccer practice." Oh Vey! Stereotyopes and stigmas are alive and well folks.

For those of us who have chosen to pursue a career in CBD or even entertain it as a little side or passion project, that’s where the conversations get really entertaining! Our friends wonder if something is “off” at home and roll their eyes assuming it’s some multi-level marketing gig, our parents think this is some middle life crisis and “will pass” and most strangers you share it with have you pinned as the smelly hippy in the van. Admittedly, as the CBD industry has grown and become more main stream – those conversations are getting easier and you don’t have to pretend like you’re in the “health and wellness” industry to your kids' teachers, but there is still plenty of misconceptions out there.

So…for those of you who have embraced CBD into your lives – here are a couple of tips for the next potentially uncomfortable conversation:

- Be prepared for judgement

- Share your own story and journey around CBD/cannabis on how it’s helped you or people you love

- Educate and share trusted sources (oh, like www.presspauseproject or Poplar) and warn them from buying CBD at the gas station

- Encourage them to open their eyes and more importantly have an open mind. After all, CBD might be just what they need to help themselves or help a loved one crush this whole “New Year, New You” thing.


Dawn Fable, Co-Founder Press Pause Project

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