WTF is Wellness with Carlos Quirarte

News flash!  Poplar and CBD are for men too!  We are beyond excited to share our next WTF is Wellness profile - and yes, you guessed it - we are chatting with a man!  But, not just any man, the amazing, kind, and multi-talented Carlos Quirarte, known by most as the co-owner of The Smile.  Over coffee and snacks at, you guessed it, The Smile, we chatted all things weed - and many things non-weed related :) 

The Facts 
Name: Carlos Quirarte
Instagram: @cqsmileny
Profession: Hospitality / Director of Cultures @shinola
NYC Neighborhood you currently call home: East Village 
Originally from: The Mission in San Fransisco
In one word - "WTF is Wellness?": Relief
3 favorite Poplar CBD products: The Sleep Bundle.  Everything in there rules!
Favorite dish at the Smile: Prime Rib
Favorite drink at the Smile: Smoke on the water (mezcal)
Best table at the Smile: In the front
More Facts 
Get to know him... quick questions we served up that get down to business.  Our own little personality test if you will :) 
Yoga or Cardio - Cardio 
Beach or Pool - BEACH!
City or Country - Country
Tap Water or Bottled - Bottled
Ski Vacation or Beach Vacation 
CBD or THC - Both! 

Some Q&A
Question: You have been very vocal about using weed.  So let's dive in - tell us about your relationship with cannabis. 
WTF does wellness mean to you? 

Everyone is getting into it - they still think they are biying drugs and that is hilarious 

how much we have been brainwashed around the war on drugs - people forget, it's bullshit - paper companies 


Funny because I started colorado - topical, I used to run everyday - now I have a kid named June - havent run since the kid (4 months old) I started using for pain in my knee and it worked

She is pretty damn cute 

SMiling - making the camera face my daughter

But it is funny - the stigma attached - me and Matt think about it very differently.  I always said I smoke a joint.  We have liquor license - you cant say that.  But it is funny because even now - he was raised to think it is horrible.  

But anyway - my routine - people respond differently now.  Different in NY.  In Illinios, depending where, even older people dont want to talk about it.  whisper "weed"

depends on who you are talking to - less stigma but in Illinios everyone is "i am totally against it, unless it is legal and then I am ok with it".  what does that even mean?  You are pro or not?

Weed - someone running for office - on our farm having a conversation Republican - I am a liveral Nyer - there are going to be things we agree on and things we dont.  I smoked with him before.  And i was like it was a year ago - your old house and he was like - I did that?  And I was like - newsflash you fucking smoke weed dude?  Who are you trying to fool? 


I focus.  Pre long run I would eat an edible - and zone out because running is pointless.  

Funny bc do people actually - I ate an edible and then I beat my kids and wife - never hear that 

prob bc you are tired, snacking, or brillinace 

or no one dies from it

and especially now, the way, they have proved that alchol is any amount is poison 

wierd that I still argue with people - but people still sitgmatize 

even farmers that grow weed - wouldn't say that to mom 

but you wouldnt say that to someone who owned a brwery 


Oh - I love the alchol analogiy 

I always say white wine - why dont we think about this like we think about anything else. 


Now I know what to use - how to use it.  

I had cocktails last night - and I am still grogy.  WOuld not happen with weed.  

In my old age - too. 


what does wellness even mean

42/43 - whatever 

and I didnt do any fitness until 6 years ago - and we were getting a lot of press and I was like - shit I am fat. and it was real.  a friend had given me a pair of nikes that connecgted to my phone - ran 3 miles, ran 6, then someone asked me if I wanted to run a marathon and I stupidly said yes. 

Me too - ran Paris and NY - and never again.  

Ran NY and ran Philly.  I just wanted to break 5 hours.  I like running because everyone can do it.  You dont need equiptment and money.  And I remember looking at the marathon all different people - I saw him mile 1 old puerto rican man covered in stuffed animals and I remember running past - bye never see you again.  Mile 20 I hear the merange - and I am so slow and he clows right past me.  But running - it doesnt matter.  The next day - I chatted with a guy - he was skinny and six pack and I did better than him.  I was so excited that I actually did better than someone who looks super fit.  Not to be a dick about it. 

Changed from pure vanity to - I met my wife, didnt ever think I woudl meet my best firend.  I am saying all the cloche things for this interview.  I remember dating her and she said - you eat really unhealthy - ask Matt.  Doesnt matter I was running - I was having steak for snack.  I would tell the guys in teh back - fire up a steak,  And anna said I want you to get a check up and i was all - I am ok.  Why do I have to go and she said I want to be with you for a long time - so someone else cared - and now having my daighter.  I dont want to be like my mom - she was not in the best shape.  I am an older dad - I am hoping when she is a teen she wants to hang with me and I can hang.  

My dad said the same - how am I going to walk everyone down the isle.  He changed his life.  Shit - I have to stay fit until she is walking down the isle - that long :)

And I notice my state of mind is better.  My regument when I am in NY i run 5 days a week and jujitsi down the block a couple days a week.  It is crazy how imporatnt I didnt realize it was and how much better every aspect of my life is.  

Do you ever think og cannabis as part of wellness?

Yes - in my mind I need to give my mind a break.  I drink coffee all day - I am wiored.  And if I want to take a break it is perfect.  Wrirdly me, not sure if I am alone, but I actually like weed when I need to interact with people.  

As poeple come out of the canna-closet, intorverts/socail anxiety - weed will finally be like a drink.  I consult with 2 brands, and I was talking to the owner, and he asked how often do you eat edibles and I say once or twice a week plus before meetings.  And he was like - what???? You are stoned in meetings.  Which one?  ANd I reminded him and he was like - holy shit you were good in that meeting


one choc covered blueberry

kiva - if i eat before dinner I know when it is going to hit me 

sleep like a baby 

In pain and I need sleep - I am fucking old 

Alex Williams from the Times writing an article on SHinola and I thought it was the end of the day and then they asked if I could talk to him - I was like - uuummmmm i thought day was over.  And I told him my edible is super kicked in :) I remmebr when he editted the interview because we are an American company try to produce in the US and I get very passionate about things.  I said a lot of other brands have the support of their country.  Brands are huge in their tiny country.  Ex Acne Stockholm.  They route for them since they are the home team - and shinola is the US home team making watches here.  And he was like - perfect - interview over :)

You gave me your summary 

Kiva blueberry guy

1906 - try it!

Beboe - Scott is my friend 

Barney's opening a dispensary - how 





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