A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life

Detoxifying Tongue Cleaner


Cosmic Dealer's A Tongue Cleaner Changed my Life- Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner will improve breath and oral hygiene by removing harmful bacteria in a simple (tongue) scrape. The mouth is a bodies first line of defense against immunity compromising bacteria and invaders, so beyond a clean mouth this little tool promotes a healthy body.

Highlights include:

- Balances Oral Microbiome.

- Heightens sense of taste (removing bacteria on taste buds).

- Improves Digestion (activating saliva).

Box Includes:

- 2 tongue copper tongue scrapers

- 1 cute carrying pouch.

Ingredients: Copper.
1. Scrape first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink, to remove the bacteria that has accumulated on your tongue overnight #wakescrape.

*If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from your doctor before introducing this product into your routine.

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