The 7 Piece Tulip Set - aka Stashbox is modular lockbox that traps odor and has sections to store tubes, carts, batteries, a slim lighter, and any other consumables or accessories. The Jars and Tubes included are also secure, air-tight, and certain sizes come with humidity packets for freshness.

Set Includes: 1 Tulip Box, 2 Medium Jars, 1 Small Jar, 1 Tube, 1 Small On-The-Go Pouch, and humidity packs. Comes with a rewritable labeling marker.

100% food-grade plastic.
Blocks out harmful UV light to keep your flower fresh. All products are made to last a very long time.

Usage Notes
Box is lockable, Jars and Tubes are secure.

Small Jar: Holds a few 🍃. For pockets and purses.
Medium Jars: Each holds a 1/8.
Tube: Fits up to two smaller paper rolls or one large.
Discrete Compartment: Another air-tight storage area.
Odor Controlling Small Pouch: Fits 1 Tube and 1 Small Jar. Fits nicely in a small handbag or even a pocket
Box: 3.5" H 10" W 7.5" D. Fits in a standard drawer.

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