Settle Back Easy Pack

Summer Bundle of Flower Sticks and Omura Device


This summer bundle has everything you need to light up your summer plans. Relaxing, calming, and balancing hemp Flower Sticks from Oriel and Barbari paired with the Omura Series X device, that uses Heat-not-Burn technology to vaporize 99% of all cannabinoids without burning, charring, or ashing, means you can unlock a cleaner experience.

Highlight's include:

Precision dosing.

- Device comes with a USB charging case.

- Biodegradable Flower Stick Packaging.

- 100% whole flower hemp rich in CBD; no trim and no shake.

- 12 Sticks per pack. 



For Oriel Relaxing Herbal Blend Flower Sticks Ingredients click here

For Barbari Calming Herbal Blend Flower Sticks Ingredients click here.

For Oriel Balancing Herbal Blend Flower Sticks Ingredients click here.  

For Omura's Heat-not-burn whole flower device instructions click here.

For Flower Stick instructions click here.  

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