Airplane Mode CBD Flower Sticks

Calming Herbal Blend Flower Sticks


Barbari's Airplane Mode has always been designed to help you reconnect your mind and body so you can sit back, relax, and let the euphoric glow of blue lotus, rose petals, and lavender melt away anxiety and soften the day’s edges.

Highlights include:

-1.5 gram packs of CBD.

-0.125 grams per stick.

-12 sticks per pack.

- Biodegradable packaging. 

- Designed to be used with Omura vaporizer. 


Ingredients: hemp, raspberry leaf, sage, rose, lavender, blue lotus.

1: Place the stick in the Omura Heat Not Burn Device.

2: Press the button for two seconds to turn on, release the button when the device vibrates. Refrain from pressing again to avoid turning off the device.

3: Allow the device to warm up; indicated by pulsing LEDs, which should take approximately 30 seconds. The device is ready to use when all three LEDs are lit and the device vibrates again.

4: Inhale through the stick to extract the active ingredients of the flower. Take long and slow pulls to activate the airbath and keep the device cool.

5. Flower sticks are not reusable. Replace a new flower stick with each subsequent session.

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