Personalized Cannabis Guidance


Cannabis Plant Medicine Expert and Poplar Co-Founder offers an introductory personalized, 20 min private session, working with you to understand how cannabis can serve your health needs. Sharing extensive knowledge of the body in its dynamic relationship with cannabis Blair can guide you into a routine and provide tools to suit your personalized needs. From topicals to edibles to THC-free hemp to full-spectrum cannabis, Blair can share knowledge of products in your local dispensaries or on the Poplar site.

Highlights include:

- First-Aid and Pain Applications.

- Sleep, Stress and Anxiety.

- Deeper Sessions Available.

*Blair's career is focused on the science of plant medicines and product development. With over 20 years of experience with cannabis specifically you can learn more from her personally here in a session, on Poplar in general, as well as in her book: CBD: Hemp-derived Secrets to Wellness.

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