Theragun Mini

Travel-Size Percussive Therapy Massager


The Theragun Mini is a quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. Compact but powerful, this travel-sized Percussive Therapy Massager is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do.

Highlights include:

-Compact, Portable Design.

-150-Minute Total Battery Life.

-3 Speed Settings.


1. To turn on the Theragun mini, firmly press and hold for 2 seconds the multi-functional power/speed button on the right side of the device.
2. Float the device across areas in need of treatment, gradually applying light to moderate pressure as needed.
3. Press the power/speed button again to toggle between 3 speeds.
4. The mini should be used with the attachment making perpendicular contact with the skin. Only the attachment of the device should make contact with the skin or area you are treating. Do not use the device at an angle that puts the percussive arm of the device in contact with the skin.
5. To turn off the Theragun mini, firmly press and hold the power/speed button until the device shuts off.


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