Face Cupping Kit

Collagen Boosting Facial Cupping


WTHN's Face Cupping Kit has everything you need to do your cupping from home. Cupping is an ancient technique that increases circulation, boosts collagen and relaxes any tight muscles of the face. It's like nature's facelift, but better.

Highlights of WTHN face cups include:

- Boost Collagen + Reduce Fine Lines.

- Improve blood flow.

- Increase micro circulation.

Ingredients: Glass facial cups.

Includes instruction booklet.

  1. Before or after using, make sure to wash the lip of your cup with soapy water, or wipe it down with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. In fact, go ahead and make it a habit.
  2. Apply oil or lotion to your face before using your cup. This helps the cup glide smoothly and softly across the skin.
  3. Keep a steady pace while doing your cupping exercises to avoid leaving a mark (or as we call them, “cup hickies”).

*If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from your doctor before introducing this product into your routine.

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