Muse CBD Spliff (5 pack)

Mind-Opening Herbal Blend Spliff (5 Pack)


Barbari's Muse CBD Spliff (5 pack) herbal blend is like a breath of fresh, mind-opening air. This aromatic mix of jasmine florets, peppermint, and raspberry leaf clears mental clutter and replaces it with renewed imagination. This multi-versatile blend now comes pre-rolled for your convenience, so there's no time wasted sending you off into the night (or morning) feeling restored and a little rebellious.
Highlights include:

- Inspire Creativity.

- Invigorate Mind + Body.

- Uplift Yourself.

- Five spliffs, pre-rolled for your convenience.

Ingredients:  hemp, peppermint, sage, jasmine, raspberry leaf.

1. Smoke with a friend or solo. 

2. To extend shelf-life, please store this in a cool, dry place.

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