Mind and Body Stress Release Bath Soak


Verte Essentials Flow Luxe Soak is a spa style soaking salt with a complimentary blend of hemp CBD, stress reducing kava kava, mineral salts and relaxing chamomile for muscle and joint relief. This calming formulation is designed specifically for stress and tension release across the body and mind.

Highlights include:

-First-Aid and Pain Applications.

-Sleep, Stress and Anxiety.

-Relaxing and Detoxifying.

CBD Details Type: Isolate
Source: Sungrown in Oregon 
Tested for Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Microbiological Contaminants, Terpenes & Heavy metals 
Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic & Gluten Free 

Ingredients: *Medium-chain triglycerides [MCT Oil], *Hemp Derived Cannabidiol [CBD], Magnesium sulfate [Epsom Salt], Pink halite [Himalayan Pink Salt], Sodium chloride [Red Alaea Sea Salt], *Chamaemelum nobile [Roman Chamomile,], Piper methysticum [Kava Root], Citrus bergamia [Bergamot], *Prunus dulcis [Almond], *Vanilla planifolia [Vanilla].

*indicates organic.

1. Release the entire contents of the Luxe Soak into the complimentary hand dyed muslin sachet.

2. Place the sachet in your bath. 

3. To realize the full potential of your soak and enhance the restorative properties of the botanical extracts, gently massage and rub the oil released from the sachet into your skin.

4. This experience is designed to serve you for well over an hour in the tub and overnight post bath.

5. Do not rinse the oils off your skin after your soak for the full potential, and let the sachet dry and use it as an aromatic drawer freshener and reminder of your experience.

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