Who We Are
Think of us as your new modern drugstore. We are the premier destination for natural wellness remedies that actually work. Our unique focus on pain, stress and sleep makes it easy to shop.  Poplar offers ONLY the most transparent and ethical products and tools to make it simple to feel better.


Who You Are
You’re a web-savvy tastemaker who never passes up the opportunity to snag some extra moolah. Join us on our wild ride to making natural medicine accessible to everyone! See Terms and Conditions.
Why Partner with Poplar?
Generous 25% Introductory Commission Rate through May 31, 2021
20% commission starting June 1, 2021
30 Day Cookie Duration
Rolling Promotional/Coupon Codes and seasonal Special Offers available.
The Poplar Promise
The Poplar Promise ensures we only offer products that are clean, contain quality, active ingredients, have proven potency, utilize minimal and sustainable packaging, and are 3rd party tested. And (yes, there is more), the Promise extends beyond product quality and works to ensure we only partner with ethical businesses - businesses that share our love for people and planet through inclusive and equitable business models that champion diversity and environmentally regenerative business practices. The Poplar Promise is the most comprehensive set of criteria on the market - bar none. 

Search Policy: We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords only in their search engine optimization. Affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings, or variations of these. Please see our Program Terms for our detailed SEM policy.

You can contact our affiliate manager, Andy Orlando, at aorlando@mediahorizons.com.

We look forward to working together!