The Alliance is about putting your money where your mouth is and supporting Black-owned, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) brands. A core piece of our company ethos, at Poplar The Alliance is about providing mentorship for young women of color who may have a strong talent but need networking and resource support.

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Author and Writer

Amiah Taylor is a writer and editor with a passion for honoring indigenous cultures in the wellness sphere. For her, writing is more than just putting words on the page, it’s advocacy for those who don’t have a strongly represented voice. She graduated with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing and is beginning her journey as a Science Writing graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. Her work has been featured in publications like The New York Observer, Well + Good, Medium, Carefree, KAMSI, The Pinehill Review, Writers With Attitude, and her own blog, Handful Of Mia.

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Blair is a graduate of Emory University’s Physician’s Assistant Program and the Founder of Gilded Body – an innovative brand that combines her passion for dermatology with her love of neoclassical art, architecture, sculpture, and history. In the last year of her training at Emory, Blair realized that she could be a part of a change in how people are cared for. Inspired by her clinical medical experience, she created a powerful skincare line. Working closely with a team of medical professionals, she created products that eliminate unnecessary steps – while nourishing and improving skin texture and appearance.

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Bade Collection

Symone is Founder and CEO of Bade Collection; a handcrafted sustainable, eco-luxe product line that prioritizes skin health. A decorated leader in corporate wellness, Symone has enabled the company’s growth to become an influential wellness brand in NYC. Symone is Ureeka x Wework Grant recipient, Facebook Grant recipient, 2021 Halycon Cohort Member and a Black Girl Ventures Alum.  Bade Collection uses botanically based formulations blend sustainability and women-led farming to deliver the best in topical remedies.

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