Poplar Experts

CJ Ananda Page

Shamanic Guide

Ananda Page is rooted in the present moment. She offers gentle empowerment, affirmation and inspiration in her guidance and practice, teaching students how to choose joy in all experiences. She inspires people to realize their power and manifest their dreams. She is a renowned teacher of yoga, dance and meditation and she is also the co-founder of Pura Vidya, Present Moment Retreat and ERYT 500 certified.

Nicholas Pratley

Meditation Expert

Nicholas Pratley offers a personalized and private introductory session to meditation. Sharing easy access points to drop into meditation, making this form of deeper access to your mind and body for a moment of peace, heightened clarity, relief from stress and anxiety, and more.

Marya Hecht

Sex Therapy Expert

Marya Hecht offers  personalized and private sessions that tailor to your sexual health and pleasure goals. Sharing extensive knowledge of the body and interpersonal relationships for building a healthy relationship to your body and sexuality, Marya can guide you into a routine and provide tools to suit your personalized needs. Her specialties include Highlights include sexual health and partnership building.

Claudia Nanino

Breath Work Expert

Claudia Nanino offers a long-form, personalized and private session to working with the practice coined "Conscious Breathwork." Sharing the breath as a tool for active meditation by giving the mind a single point of focus - breath - helping to dive deep into emotions and suppressed trauma

Lucia DeSimone

Sound Alchemy Practitioner

Lucia DeSimone orchestrates personalized Sound Healing sessions to meet you where you are today. Lucia uses Sound Healing technique tailored to each individual using Tonal and Rhythmic Instruments & Voice to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Jamie Truppi

Functional Nutritionist

Jamie Truppi builds personalized roadmaps for depleted moms (and anyone else who just wants to F-everything) to reclaim their energy, health & sanity. Through food consciousness, assessing toxic load, mindset, habits and balancing systems, Jamie digs up the roots of our dis-ease.

Rochelle Robinette

Herbalist Expert

Rachelle Robinett is dedicated to working with you on your overall health goals. Sharing extensive knowledge of plants as tools for balancing the body and immune system, Rachelle can guide you into a routine and natural medicines to suit your personalized needs.