There are a lot of sites out there throwing out a lot of "knowledge".  

Why are we special?
Well, for one, Poplar is unique because of the Poplar Promise.

In other words...

We believe in an open mind and a lot of research.  We promise to never put anything out there that we don’t love and don’t currently have in our own medicine cabinets/nightstands/bags/cars.

We want to hear from you. We want to define the newest frontier of health and wellness together.

We know that busy does NOT equal cool or important.

We carry a strict no asshole policy.

We believe in in-person meetings and old school phone calls as needed.

We value deep breathing, honest connections, and human contact.

We believe green is good, plants can heal, and mother-nature usually does know best.

We know that cannabis is not what it was 20 years ago (see ya later stoner stereotypes).

We trust that you can like "pot" and not like getting stoned.

We promise there is more to CBD and cannabis than meets the eye - and we can’t wait to show you.