2021 Gut Reset + De-stress Set

Start 2021 fresh from the inside out, with this limited edition gift set perfectly designed to help you de-stress and restart your gut health.

Set includes:

- Seize the Day planner.

- Jamie Truppi Expert Session: "Stress to Sanity Through Food and Mood" January accountability program.

- Anima Mundi's Daily Liver Cleanse + Detox Powder.

- $102 value, savings $22.
Daily Liver Cleanse + Detox Powder:
Ingredients: Moringa*, Chlorella* (broken cell wall), Spirulina*, Burdock root, Dandelion Root, Turmeric*, Graviola^, Chanca Piedra, Milk Thistle.
*Organic / ^Wildcrafted.
Vegan & gluten Free.
Daily Liver Cleanse + Detox Powder:
1. 1 heaping tsp in your favorite liquid medium (smoothie, juice, tea or water) or healthy foods, like salad dressings, soups and beyond!