Conscious Breathwork: Expert Session


Conscious Breathwork Expert Claudia Nanino offers a long-form, personalized and private session to working with the practice coined "Conscious Breathwork." Sharing the breath as a tool for active meditation by giving the mind a single point of focus - breath - helping to dive deep into emotions and suppressed trauma. Sessions can last up to 2 hours. Intro Sessions Available - see Alt Listing.

Highlights include:

- Release Emotional Blocks.

- Lifetime Tool for Improved Well-being.

- Reduce stress and anxiety.

- Positive effects on your blood pressure.

- Heal unresolved experiences, emotions, and trauma.

- Find Clarity, Peace, Calm, + Flow.

*From Claudia: "I will fully guide you through a specific pattern of breath, with which you are able to go deep within and flood your body with this energy, attaining a non-ordinary state of consciousness. At a bare minimum, you will have a beautiful, relaxing meditation that provides great stress relief. However, on the other side of the spectrum there are infinite amount of stunning possibilities including a sense of oneness, emotional releases, healing of old trauma, bliss, and so much more. Regardless of the experience, which is different every time and for every person, there is no wrong way to do it and you are guaranteed healing simply by allowing the breath to fill and flow through you."

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