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We love this so much - it is the only thing we sell that DOES NOT have CBD or cannabis as an ingredient.  It's Poplar worthy because it is just the most versatile blend of soothing herbs on the planet!  Mix it with CBD or roll solo, burn as incense, steep to make tea, or use it to draw the perfect warm bath. Barbari makes it easy to reconnect your mind and body and inspire calmness and relaxation.

- Thoughtfully crafted herbs made to support mind, body, and spirit
- Beautifully designed packaging
- 20 g jar

Please note this product DOES NOT have CBD in it. 

This is the most versatile product!!!!

Suggested Uses include:
1. Blend with cbd flower or roll and smoke solo.
2. Burn as incense.
3. Steep in tea.
4. Add to a warm bath.

Note: To extend shelf-life, please store this in a cool, dry place.