Personal Shopping

There is personal shopping for all sorts of things - when you need a new wardrobe because you got a new job, post-baby body dressing, moving to a new town, etc.  Well, hold on tight because we have (another) revolutionary idea - there should be personal shopping for weed newbies too. 

You just started to really embrace cannabis. You want to up your accessories game… We got you!  We understand first hand that you want to feel like a classy weed smoker. While so much is plastered with huge pot leaves in green glitter, we promise, there is tasteful stuff out there and we know where to find it. This is the perfect gift for your SO or Bestie who is finally ready to dive into cannabis (aka you would like them to stop just taking yours). 
Package includes:
- Two hour long session 1-on-1 with our Founder Beryl via Zoom where she will work with you to create the perfect stash box.  She will present your options, review your needs and aesthetics preferences.  

- At the end of the two session you will have a covetable shopping list.  

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