Stress: Medicine Cabinet Must


These days it can feel almost impossible to chill out. Let Poplar help take a load off with this Stress Relief bundle, medicine cabinet must haves designed to help you recharge, relax, and restore a much-needed sense of calm.  

 Set includes:

-Wooden Spoon's Mushroom Immunity Tincture 

-Barbari's Calming Multi-Use Herbal Blend 

-HRBLS - Calm and Destress Gummy 

-Morning Breath-work - Free 5 minute set your day off right M-F on Clubhouse 

-Retail value $90, savings $13 for a limited time only. 

Click here for Wooden Spoon's Mushroom Immunity Tincture ingredients.

Click here for Barbari's Calming Multi-Use Herbal Blend ingredients.

Click here for HRBLS Calm and Destress Gummy ingredients.

Click here for Wooden Spoon's Mushroom Immunity Tincture instructions.

Click here for Barbari's Calming Multi-Use Herbal Blend instructions.

Click here for HRBLS Calm and Destress Gummy instructions.

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