Superman's Sandwich


One of a Kind 11x17 print by system impacted artist Redd Ryan @reddryan  

Redd Ryan is a working artist from Jersey City, New Jersey. He has spent most of his career doing freelance commercial illustration, but also makes street art. In 2021, in collaboration with @freshwarpaint, he released ILL REPUTE digital magazine,  a quarterly publication about art, music, comics and culture. Redd also runs his own online store, 201X, where he sells his designs and partners with other artists to give their artwork a platform for distribution. 

This Giving Tuesday, Poplar is proud to EXCLUSIVELY share and promote artwork by system-impacted artists. 100% of proceeds go to the Artist.  Special thanks to The Stone Age for helping to coordinate this effort.  Additional artwork is available for sale at the Stone Age Pop Up in NYC.  For more information and to buy tickets, visit  

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