Northeast Weed Update

You live in the NE (NY, NJ, MA, CT - we see you) and you are pumped… Now that weed is “legal” you are ready to dive into the world of cannabis and try some goodies.  But wait, is it legal? Where do you go? What do you order? Still so many questions…

So - we made you a cheat sheet.  


Still can ONLY legally buy with a Medical Card
Adult-use sales (without medical cards) are NOT up and running 
No, the guys in Washington Square Park and the “Dispensary” on 7th Ave South of Penn Station are not legal
Adult-use sales are projected to start in the Fall at dispensaries owned by those formerly incarcerated or closely impacted by incarceration because of the failed War on Drugs
IT IS LEGAL, however, to consume cannabis anywhere you can smoke a cigarette 
Bottom Line: NY is a real conundrum.  

Legal Adult-use Cannabis Sales started 4/21/22 - yes, the day after 4/20… 
13 (of the State's 23) Medical Dispensaries were approved to begin sales - and sell they did.  It is estimated almost $2M of cannabis was sold weekend 1.  
More medical dispensaries will most likely begin to sell adult-use soon as well 
And a new crop of local dispensaries - not multi-state operators - have been granted conditional licenses… but timing for opening remains unclear 
List of where to shop in NJ now here 
Bottom Line: Great to see adult-use in action but for now the lines are long and the product assortment is far behind other legal markets (looking at you MA)

Speaking of MA
Cannabis is legal for adults 21+ in MA - no medical card needed 
And the product offering is AWESOME
I highly suggest a road trip
Bottom Line: Go visit our friends at Farnsworth - grab their Exclusive Pre-rolls, 1906 Genius Capsules, and a six pack of CANN

Last year, Connecticut legalized cannabis for residents who are 21 and up
But you still can’t buy at a local dispensary without a medical card
Rest assured though, they are “actively” working on it.  Earlier this year CT opened up a lottery - it closed midnight May 4th with over 3,000 entries. The entries were apparently handed over to a third party vendor to choose who will get the provisional license. 
Bottom Line: You may want to take a road trip to MA too.  

Now this is clearly just a snapshot.  There is so much to be said about the process… the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But this is an email - not a dissertation so... Most importantly, while law makers and activists work to get it right, please continue to consume responsibly.

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