Traveling with Cannabis

Listen - you don’t need to explain yourself.  Maybe your family is super stressful, maybe cannabis is your medicine and you take it wherever you go… regardless, we get it - sometimes you are forced to travel with cannabis.  So here are the details to keep in mind as the holiday travel season is upon us…
Hemp derived CBD with less than .3% THC is FEDERALLY LEGAL and you can cross state lines with it.  So, if you are traveling domestically, our honest advice, stick your CBD gummies or tincture in your dopp kit and off you go.  Just make sure if your CBD is in liquid or gel form, and you are only “carrying on” that your bottle is 3.4oz (100 ml) or less.  Note, all of the CBD tinctures sold @poplar are indeed less than 100ml.  
On the off chance you are stopped with CBD, just pull up this blog article and the TSA will let you through.  Joking… sort of.  A rational conversation with the powers that be should be all you need because you are not breaking any laws. However, if you want to be 100% safe, we recommend printing out the test results of your product and tucking them in your Dopp kit too.  
Note: Currently, Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota do not allow CBD in any form.  So technically if you are traveling to one of those states, your CBD is illegal upon arrival.  Additionally, other states, such as California, Michigan, and Georgia, do not allow CBD in food or beverages.  Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.  However, in reality, most likely, (like all those caveats) no one is checking.  So if you ask us - domestic travel with CBD is a-ok.  
Now, cannabis with more than .3% THC is another story.  The facts are - cannabis is federally illegal.  It can not cross state lines.  The rules are clear.  The practice however, is indeed murky as TSA says itself that "TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.” So, some folks put their gummies in a non-infused gummy bear package or stuff their green into a crevice in their bag. Luckily, in our personal experiences, these are unnecessary precautions. Carrying on a few gummies or a prerolls have to-date gone un-noticed.  However, who the hell knows these days… So, again, the only fool-proof way to travel, is to leave the weed at home.  
Or, best case scenario, if you are traveling to a location where cannabis is legal, stock up when you land.  Trying new local brands and interacting with local cannabis communities is one of the best parts of this magical plant.  
Lastly, if you are traveling internationally, we say - skip it.  The CBD, the weed, skip it all.  Follow the rules.  
So, safe travels friends! 

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