Summer Friday with Yvonne Perez Emerson

Yvonne is a designer, maker, and formulator, the founder and owner of a vegan, organic and full spectrum beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand -- Make and Mary.

Their line is focused on Full Spectrum CBD and Cannabis Aromatherapy products. But as if that's not cool enough, Yvonne also owns and operates a small boutique design studio that specializes in brand design for print and online. When she's not working, she's in the garden, riding her motorcycle and hanging out with family -- Yvonne is who we aspire to be when we grow up! So let's see what her Summer favorites are.

Photo by Harlee Case for Ladies of Paradise/Lady Jays

Book(s) on your summer reading bookshelf

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Others: The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, Harvest to Hydrosols by Ann Marman, Power of The Seed, Susan Parker, White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo

Songs that are your summer soundtrack

Mad About You, Son Little, The Feelings, Alabama Shakes, Don't Touch My Hair, Solange, Hello, Erykah Badu, Soul Sista, Bilal

Favorite Anti-Racist Resources

Black Lives Matter, Don't Shoot PDX, So You Want To Talk About, Bold Latina

What has anti-racism work looked like you?

I am a mixed raced WOC. My mother was white and my sisters and brothers are both black. I grew up with racism, but that doesn't mean I don't have to do the work of being an anti-racist. I think the biggest thing has been listening and then supporting with action. We protest, share resources, highlight BIPOC makers (through talks and our IG feed), and we are not afraid to speak up about racism on our social platforms. I have donated to several organizations (from being a part of the Floret Coalition by Broccoli Magazine to donating to BLM and The Bailout Program, and many more). I really love doing the work locally and have given to many Black initiatives including: Black Feast where we just donated 1,000's of dollars in product for self-care packages. But the biggest thing is being vocal and supporting our Black sisters and brothers in ways that help in real time.

Photo by Harlee Case for Ladies of Paradise/Lady Jays

When not social distancing, favorite summer travel destination?

The mountains on my motorcycle. I really don't care where as long as there is a river, and a place to camp and sleep in my hammock. I am happy there in the woods.

Go-To Summer Recipe

Fresh salad from the garden. Love eating tomatoes and basil with onions. Toss it with a little olive oil and balsamic, salt and pepper. Perfect, quick and easy for lunch or dinner.

Go-To Summer Cocktail/Mocktail

I don't drink alcohol, but I love making my own kombucha. My favorite has been a combination of chamomile, pineapple sage and a little bit of lavender. I mix in about 5mg of THC tincture, it's great on ice and when you want to chill.

Summer Beauty/Skincare Essentials

I don't go anywhere without putting on our Natural Wonder Wand and Face Serum everyday. When I want a little color I love our Earth Sister Wand for my lips, cheeks and eys, and our Free Spirit wand is really nice as a highlighter and to shine up the tatoos on my arms! Who doesn't love a little summer sparkle?

Summer Cannabis Rituals

Smoking a joint of the herbs I harvest with a little hemp and THC thrown in

Thing you’re missing most in this post-COVID Summer?

Hugging people. Having our cannabis infused workshops. We have been hosting Highly Inspired workshops since 2016, now we are doing it online...they are good but not the same.

Thing surprising you most about this post-COVID Summer?

People are still thinking that Covid is political.

Favorite summer activity to get your heart rate up?

Gardening, nothing like working with your hands. It's hard work!

To learn more about Make and Mary, check out their website or follow them at @themakeandmary on IG.

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