The Benefits of CBD and Plant Medicines

Written by Leighana Lynn

Yes, CBD is wonderful, we're big fans. But let's get real, wellness is about more than just CBD. We understand first-hand, however, that the world of wellness is crowded and confusing. But rest assured, we are stick to our promise of simplicity.

Wellness takes on many forms and can be overwhelming which is why we're doing the research and work for you! The best products leverage the healing power of CBD and other plant medicines [sometimes even crystals].

CBD, [aka Cannbiderol] is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis sativa plant and is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD works with our endocannabinoid system to product more of the anti-inflammatory molecule [1], making it a great match with the hero ingredients listed in some of our favorite products.

⁠Potential benefits:

Ildi Pekar Uplifting Blend⁠

Rose Quartz - Having a rose quartz roller helps stimulate blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin + releases toxins and impurities⁠.


Plant People Drop+ Relief⁠

Turmeric - is known for it's strong anti-inflammatory⁠ benefits among others.

Black Pepper - also a strong anti-inflammatory, can be beneficial for the gut [especially when taken with turmeric].

Ginger - good for anti-nausea and it helps with indigestion!

Vitamin E - is good for supporting immune function.


Barbari Herbal Blends

Blue Lotus - a plant believed to originate in Egypt is known to help with stress relief, reduce anxiety and even help with sleep!

Raspberry Leaf - is an anti-inflammatory and also GREAT for cramps, but DO NOT have while pregnant

Sage - this multipurpose plant is rich in antioxidants and just all around a favorite for many! Plus it's a great for clearing energy.

Cannuka Calming Eye Balm

Manuka Honey - this honey comes specifically from the Manuka plant which is found in New Zealand. Known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties this honey is used for many purpose, from gut issues to healing wounds.

Rosehip Oil - is great for hydration and moisturizing but it also is magnificent for reducing scars and fine lines.

Calivolve Chocolate Matcha Chocolates

Matcha - Good for energy and steady energy at that!

Ashwagandha - this ancient medicinal herb is a powerful adaptogen and great for reducing stress!

Vertly Infused Bath Salts⁠

Yarrow - This popular herb has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. In Ancient Greece it was noted to be used by the Mythological Warrior Achilles to heal the wounds of his soldiers. So it's not surprising to hear that this herb may help with healing wounds, aiding brain health, fighting inflammation and aiding digestive issues.

Marjoram - This herb may help promote better blood circulation⁠, alleviate digestive issues and have anti-inflammatory benefits. Widely used in Mediterranean dishes, this herb has been rumored to have powerful health benefits.

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