The Highest Standard in Wellness

Written by Beryl & Blair

Over the years, we have found ourselves in a booming, oversaturated, and noisy wellness marketplace overrun by companies with deep pockets. The lack of transparency, and even worse, the dissemination of misleading and incorrect information is doing the entire industry a disservice.

So for the sake of simplicity, accessibility, and (for f*cks sake) accountability, here's our solution: The Poplar Promise. This is the new set of standards to which we are holding ourselves here at Poplar. We are asking brands to show up and align with us in these areas:

•Clean, Green and Natural | Above everything, ingredients need to be good for us. We partnered with EWG (Environmental Working Group), the Dirty List, and many more! We are leading the charge on aligning terminology and definitions. We are taking the road less traveled. The result? Dazzling clarity for our customers.

•Active | Our enemies are dilution and ineffective dosing. We are setting the standard with strict identification of active ingredients. We are trailblazing with our product potency. Experts vet and craft our products.

•Proven | Customers want products that work. We mandate brand partners to show anecdotal testing. Additionally, where appropriate we require 3rd party certification. We check out the test results, research, and claims to make sure you are getting what you ask for. And if there are relevant certifications - we will let you know.

•Ethical | It's a labor of love to strive to be moral. From fair wages to humane factory practices, we are championing ethical human and environmental capital. Our ingredient providers and manufacturers take care of their people and the environment. We also prefer companies that focus on acquiring locally when possible.

•Tested | We test every product for stability and safety, from the idea phase to the end product. From cruelty-free to vegan, gluten-free, organic, GMO-free, and THC-free, we work with and depend on best-in-class finished products certifying bodies.

•Quality | It's got to be good - that means appealing to all senses. It should feel, smell, taste & look good.

•Sustainable | Environmental impact matters. The packaging of a product should be minimal and environmentally respectful. Our commitment is to support brands that use LESS packaging. We also work with partners and take-back programs for recyclables & NON-recyclables.

•Equitable | We love our planet and the people on it. We require every partner to have a broader support system considerate of diversity built into their operations. We support and endorse inclusive business models. We envision and enact this as a collectively regenerative model. Which is just a fancy way of saying, what we take we want to put back. 

But it's not just about us; we all need to come together for change. We have the opportunity, and more importantly, the responsibility to do better within the industry. Are you in? Learn more about our promise, and take a self-assessment at

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