Summer Vaginal Health - Happy Clam

Written by Quim

Summer is our favorite time of the year. The thought of slinky barely-there dresses, beach bonfires, and warm nights with our summer lover(s) already have our quim feel some type of way... but we don’t often talk about the downsides of the summer for our vaginal health. Days by the river with our friends often lead to sitting in our wet bathing suits for extended periods of time. Hikes with our germ pod have us sweating all day long in our compressive leggings. And don’t even get us started on the humidity-induced “swamp vag”… As lovely as these activities can be, they often lead to UTIs and yeast infections when we don’t proactively take care of our yonis. After years of trials and tribulations, we finally came to a solution that works for us and word on the street is we’re not alone in our love — and summer dependency on — Quim’s Happy Clam Everyday Oil.

For those long days and balmy nights, we rely on our Happy Clam Everyday Oil to help keep UTIs and yeast infections at bay so we can get back to our plans. It uses tea tree oil, which is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, to help with these vaginal health problems. We use it post-shower, before bed or any time our quim needs some TLC.

For those nights where both mercury is in retrograde and our period is about to arrive, our libido can be in need of a little boost. Happy Clam also uses damiana, an ancient Mayan aphrodisiac and has been used to help increase sexual arousal and stamina, increase the frequency of orgasms, and reduce vaginal dryness. We love using a plant-based product that makes those warm nights a little hotter ;) 

And sometimes if game-time (or you-time) ends up getting a little more rigorous than expected, we’re left with “puffy taco” - or post-sex inflammation. Happy Clam also contains hemp-CBD, which helps to alleviate any post-sesh soreness AND help moisturize the delicate skin. Talk about a win-win - or a quim-quim?

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