WTF is Wellness with Juna Founder Jewel

The Basics 
Name: Jewel Zimmer
Instagram: @Jewel_Zimmer 
Profession: Founder of Juna
Neighborhood you currently call home: San Francisco 
Originally from: Cranbrook British Columbia Canada

Fun Facts - Speed Round :) 
Yoga or Cardio: YOGA
Workout Buddy or Solo: SOLO
Heels or sneakers: NEITHER
Beach or pool: BEACH
Tap Water or Bottled: BOTTLED 
Night out Dancing or a Long Dinner: LONG DINNER
Ski Vacation or Beach Vacation: BEACH
An all expense paid trip to SF, LA, Portland, or NYC: NYC
CBD, THC, or both: BOTH
Edible or Flower: BOTH

Tell us about founding Juna - what was your aha moment and what is your mission?
My background was as a pastry chef and certified sommelier. I launched my first chocolate collection, {cocoa} absolute, with Barneys New York in 2009, infusing single-origin chocolate with naturally occurring mood enhancers, cannabinoid anandamide and polyphenol antioxidants found in the cacao bean to intensify the physiological benefits of the chocolate. After learning the science of chocolate my curiosity peaked to experiment with additional botanical actives. My community in San Francisco invited me to explore cannabis (THC) in 2015. - Keep in mind, this is before any state was legalized- I started to explore the depths of cannabis and realized that the cannabis flower contained not only THC but over 100 different known compounds, one of which was called CBD. When I learned CBD was non-psychoactive, could help regulate mood (stress + anxiety) hormones, sleep, sex drive I was sure it would save every parent in the world. Enter 2018 - CBD launches to the global market.

Let's face it, In an era of sensory and schedule overload, our body’s work in overdrive to maintain biological harmony. As a female founder, entrepreneur, and mother, I experienced this first hand and literally needed to create of Juna. Juna redefines wellness by creating plant powered formulas to optimize mind, body, mood and sleep.

WTF does wellness mean to you? And what role, if any does cannabis play in “wellness”? 
Wellness means feeling your best and enjoying pleasurable actions. wellness is being able to engage in something without feeling guilt- period.Cannabis is about feeling pleasure, relief and benefiting from the therapeutic actions that naturally occur in the plant ALL AT ONCE.

Aside from being a female founder, what is your super power? (Don’t be shy.)
I would say I'm a collector of information and at the exact time I need it I'm able to harvest it. Whether it's science, a formulation, a recipe, a phone number, a contact made in another life - you get it;) Ultimately the collection of information has brought me to this specific point in time in my life.

Now drop some knowledge - if you could give other women advise on starting a business, what would it be? Can be cannabis related or industry agnostic. 
Get crystal clear on your vision and solve a problem. I am a firm believer that creating a product, service and/or behavior that creates an emotion or fills a void. Stand behind your vision and don't waiver for anyone unless it makes 100% sense to you and aligns with your vision.

Anything else you want to share? Consider this your open mic :)
Women: Share resources, form alliances and build community together. There is enough room in this world for all of our voices.

Our schedule is still somewhat unclear and remains "to be seen" or experienced but their are very serious absolutes:
Whole family Take D3/K2, liposheric VIt C, Vitamin A drops, omega oil and quinton water ( the entire periodic table in 1 vial - amazing ) first thing in the morning followed by a cup of lung support tea ( reishi, peppermint, plantain, marshmallow, tulsi, lemon balm, elderflower, licorice root and hyssop) with Juna CBD it's super good ( thankfully) and then, finally, I have coffee.

My little and I have joined Wendy Mac's Live IG art class at 10am pst the last couple days and my oldest and are working on Amandamoore's social distancing online writing retreat @amoore5272 and all around trying to create new habits in these ever changing days.

My husband is also WFH and able to help support our kids with "school from home" which is video prompts for 4hrs staring at 830am. He's also a chef so at this point I have in office prepared family meals with lots of fresh and fermented vegetables.Since mid-last week we've been heading to ocean beach for fresh air. We have a "wishbone" log we like to hang out at and it just feels amazing to get some fresh air! My co founder Taylor had a baby girl 2 weeks ago so periodically throughout the day I obsess over baby pictures and videos-so precious.

We are a very social family, we generally have a family dinner every night, sometimes "2x" because my oldest dances until 930pm some nights but we always use the dinner table as a time to connect. Weekend dinners are generally spent with close friends to start making up for missed social experience we had dinner with friends last night over FT which I can see becoming a new ritual.

Juna 's gears shifted - our teams inboxes have been slower so we are shifting our focus to community and how to engage and share on another level.We are still shipping Juna - we know that CBD is crucial at all times , shelter and safe is no exception!

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