WTF is Wellness with Lexi DuPont

The Basics
Name: Lexi duPont
Instagram: @lexidupont
Profession: Big Mountain Skier
Neighborhood you currently call home: Board Ranch and Revelstoke. Here forever for now.
Originally from: Sun Valley

Fun Facts - Speed Round :)
Yoga or Cardio - Cardio

Workout Buddy or Solo- Workout Buddy

Heels or sneakers - Sneakers
Beach or pool - Beach
Tap Water or Bottled - Tap
Night out Dancing or a Long Dinner - Dancing
Ski Vacation or Beach Vacation - Beach Vacation
An all expense paid trip to SF, LA, Portland, or NYC - LA
CBD, THC, Both, or Neither - CBD

Q + A

Question: You do many things - one of them is skiing. When you start skiing, why do you love it? Give us the details.

I Love skiing because I feel I can connect to Mother Nature and my inner child at the same time. It is PLAY in its purest form. I also love that it is something I can do with my family. It is in my blood and where I feel like my most authentic self. Flying down the mountain, breathing the fresh air, standing on mountain tops. Life just makes sense when I am skiing.

Question: WTF does wellness mean to you? And what role, if any does cannabis play in “wellness”?

Wellness to me means, the flow and connection of mind, body, and spirit. When they are all working together I am able to maximize this moment and have access to the fullest potential of my being and this life. Sounds super woo woo but it's true. I have spent a lot of time making sure they are in line and if something is out of balance I feel it instantly. I used to smoke a lot of weed. There were years where I smoked every time I put on my ski boots. Now that I am a pilot I have stopped smoking weed but I find CBD helps me rest and recover. Sleep is so important to me. I think it is actually more important then diet or exercise. If I dont get sleep my entire program is out of wack.

Question: Any positive anecdotes about natural medicine and pain? We know there is a time for natural and time maybe to stray from that - but can you share a tie when a natural remedy really saved the day?

When I was growing up my mom would always give us Antibiotics when we got sick. It was pretty messed up because now I suffer from some pretty intense autoimmune disorders. I have found that there are so many natural remedies that can be used in place of western medicine and my body actually responds more positively to them without the wild side effects. I have found Ashwagandha and CBD to be super effective when I feel run down. My adrenal system takes a serous hit when skiing big mountains and mama earth always has the remedy.

Question: What is your super power? (Don’t be shy.)

I think my super power is Positivity and seeing the best in every situation. It can even be annoying sometimes but life is too short or maybe too long for negativity.

Question: Now drop some knowledge - if you could give other women advise, what would it be? Can be skiing related or industry agnostic.

zoom out! If life gets overwhelming or frustrating or feels totally miserable and sad just zoom out and remember that we are all just little atoms co existing on this beautiful green earth, spinning around through this endless universe. I also like to check in with my 9 year old self and see the world from her eyes. Would she be proud of me? What are her wants and desires? She usually points me in the right direction.

Anything else you want to share? Consider this your open mic :)

One of the coolest things about being human is that we can constantly learn and evolve. Life is too damn long to do the same thing the whole time. Keep it fresh, learn new things and take care of your body! It's your home after all and you only get one of them.

Life is different today than it was a year ago - and will hopefully be different again a year from now. Any aha moments to share based on the past 10 months in quarantine?

O man it has felt so good to slow down. I honestly hadn't unpacked my toilet trees for the past ten years because I was constantly going from one place to the next. I have really enjoyed slowing down and taking care of myself. Making time for myself and the people I love the most. I really hope to continue this trend in the future. A deep appreciation for self care and slowing down to smell the roses.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

To be honest 2020 has forced me to live one day at a time so I haven't really planned anything for 2021. Of course I always have goals that I am constantly trying to achieve but I don' really have anything planned because who knows what will happen tomorrow. I have however made an attainable and personal goal to play more. Life has gotten super hard and dark and I am going to take every opportunity I can to laugh and play and dance and bring deep wholesome joy back into my life.

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