Jitter-Free Coffee Alternatives

Coffee is addicting, like actually addicting. We know that but I don’t think we fully grasp it. Coffee is a stimulant that many of us [myself included] depend on. I have a Nespresso machine that allows me to create delicious lattes every morning, so trust me when I say I know coffee is addicting.

And while there are an enormous amount of benefits to drinking coffee *in moderation*, if we’re being real, drinking coffee not in moderation and in large daily doses can have some negative effects.

  1. You sweat way more than usual -
    If you know, you know and if you don’t you probably don’t drink too much coffee.
    Because coffee stimulates your central nervous system, it causes your heart rate to go up, triggers your adrenaline putting you in fight flight mode which causes you to sweat more.

  2. Jitters -
    Because coffee is a stimulant it can cause you to become jittery and when we’ve consumed what is deemed too much [more than 400 milligrams], is when we tend to become jittery. The more coffee you have, the more adrenaline is released and the jittery you will most likely become [especially if you are sitting in one place and not able to move or exert your energy].

  3. Anxiety -
    Stimulants are not necessarily friends with anxiety and often times can make anxiety worse. When caffeine stimulates our flight or flight response it is similar to us being frightened and therefore can make our anxieties worse or even cause an anxiety attack.

  4. Sleep -
    We’ve all had a coffee too late and are unable to fall asleep or we’ve had a coffee that we crashed after even though it’s still early in the day. This is because coffee blocks our adenosine, which is what regulates when we become tired. Generally our levels increase throughout the day making us drowsy and then once we fall asleep our adenosine levels drop. So when we block these for prolonged periods and regularly, we are messing with our circadian rhythm.

  5. Triggers your Adrenal Glands -
    The triggering of our fight or flight system can take its toll on our adrenal glands. We have so many situations in our lives that trigger and wear our adrenal glands as is, such as stress with work, fighting with family, the election, etc. When we over consume coffee, we are unnecessarily stressing our adrenal glands over and over.

I know I know, ‘but it’s quarantine and I need a cup of something in the morning!’. I hear you, and so does Poplar. Introducing our favorite coffee alternatives for a jitter-free morning routine. Now you can still have a delicious beverage that gives you a little push without stressing out your adrenal glands and causing more anxiety than we’re all inevitably facing right now.


Golde Restorative Superfood Latte
A traditional turmeric latte in a powdered blend includes essential superfoods to support glowing skin, debloating, and immunity.

Golde Jitter-Free Energy Matcha Tea
A powdered blend of essential superfoods creates a stable and focused mind without the caffeine jitters. Bonus: It also supports healthy glowing.

MUD\WTR Sustained Energy Chai Tea
Made with a blend of chai and functional mushrooms, this coffee alternative has high performance benefits for a boost of energy.

Rasa Protective Chocolaty Antioxidant Coffee Alternative
Packed with adaptogens and antioxidants for an all day drinkability, this coffee cacao blend will keep your mind and your energy feeling elevated.

Rasa Nourish + Energize with Caffeine Free Coffee Alternative
This energizing caffeine-free coffee alternative combines Ayurvedic, Chinese, & Western herbalism to create a nourishing coffee alternative that holistically supports your health and energy. Earthy, a little nutty with a coffee feel, slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon.

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