A Rise to Joy Breathing Exercises

"Here's the deal, we have about 80,000 thoughts a day." say Nicholas Pratley, a talented Holistic Lifestyle Expert. "So we might as well try to make some of them positive." He recommends 5 minutes of A Rise to Joy Meditation - perfect for beginners and advanced alike. 


The first thing to remember is: don't worry, a busy mind is natural, in fact it is your most powerful asset. Every single time you notice a thought or distraction and use it, it's a gift that's helping your meditation muscle get stronger, leading you back to your natural state... joy. Second thing: you cannot get it wrong, seriously. There's nothing to get right. Joy is a natural state that lives within you, and so we are simply slowing down for a few minutes, to let what's natural, rise. Now the how to:

1. Find a quiet spot and sit in whatever position feels good to you - in a chair, one the floor, even that bath is great!

2. Now, gently roll the shoulders back and lift your heart. Take 3 deep breaths and let a gentle HAAA sound out on the exhale.

3. Then do 10 deep breaths. This is slow, in and out of the mouth, again letting a gentle HAAA sound out on the exhale. Just like the name of the breath suggests, this is designed to quite literally, open up the centre of your energetic system, your heart.

4. Next, simply relax - listen to the sound and feeling of your breath and let go into any sensations you feel in the body. Those sensations are merely reminding you that our heart and the cells of your body are opening. So simply let go - into opening and feel joy rise.

5. I recommend doing this for at least 5 minutes... set a timer or just stay in the bliss of joy as long as you like!


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