1. Start your day with a Calm Mind. Bring the open bottle to your nose and breathe in the aromatic oils.

2. Place a 1/2 dropper under your tongue and gently hold there for one to two minutes.
3. Option: place a hand on your belly and another on your heart. Notice the texture and flavor of Daygold and set an intention for how you'd like to feel.
4. Swallow and check back in with yourself in 20-30 minutes to observe the shift in perspective.
1 dropper = 50 mg CBD, 15 mg CBG, 2.5 mg THC, 22 mg additional hemp compounds
1/2 dropper = 25 mg CBD, 7.5 mg CBG, 1.25 mg THC, 11 mg additional hemp compounds
1/4 dropper = 12.5 mg CBD, 3.75 mg CBG, .67 mg THC, 5.5 mg additional hemp compounds

*If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from your doctor before introducing this product into your routine.