The Bong for you. A functional work of art, with its sleek tapered form and clean minimal lines, this bong is designed to fit seamlessly into your life and become a staple home piece.

The included cleaning caps mouth cover make it easy to keep your bong looking and tasting fresh, while the silicone footer protects the glass from damage and hides unsightly water. The recommended water line is indicated for the perfect hit every time, and the diffused downstem ensures smooth and even hits. Upgrade your smoking experience today with Session;s elegantly designed and functional glass bong.

Bong Features

  • Glass Bong, bowl, and downstem made from borosilicate glass.
  • Silicone footer indicates water line and protects your glass.
  • Small bowl and large bowl included for personal and party use.
  • Extra grommet and two downstems included.

Cleaning Cap Features

  • Two high-grade silicone stoppers.
  • Small cap nests neatly within the large cap.

Mouth Cover Features

  • High-quality silicone mouth cover.
  • Perfect for sanitary sharing with others.
  • Loop for attaching to a keychain, lanyard, or necklace. 

Bong Dimensions

  • Overall: 84mm x 256mm
  • Large Bowl: 22mm
  • Small Bowl: 10mm
  • Downstem: 16mm
  • Joint Size: 10mm

Glass Thickness

  • Bong: 4mm
  • Large & Small Bowl: 3mm
  • Downstem: 3mm

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