Grinder Kit

The most gorgeous grinder set you could imagine.  
Features include:
- 4 chamber grinder with soft touch silicone coating
- Brass Kief Spoon/Joint Holder
- Plastic Scraper
- Plastic Broom

2 7/16IN X 2 7/16IN X 1 7/8IN (63MM X 63MM X 48MM)

Kief Spoon
2.5IN X .5N X .1IN
(63MM X 12MM X 3MM)

Exposure to alcohol or boiling in water can remove the black coating on the grinder. We recommend keeping alcohol to a minimum and cleaning with a wet cloth.

Kief Spoon
Brass will naturally tarnish over time; however, the spoon can be hand polished back to it's mirror shine.

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